About me

Hi! I’m Marvin Wong, and welcome to my little Bible garden.

Just a bit about me …

I studied theology at Cambridge University, politics and history at Leeds University, and business at Queensland University. (Yes, I am definitely a nerd!) I’ve also been profoundly influenced by the late “Uncle” John Stott, who took a personal interest in my Christian life.

I love to read (a lot!). I love to watch movies. And I like (notice I didn’t say “love”) to exercise. (Calisthenics! No gym required!). An idyllic afternoon would be spent loitering around the British Museum in London.

I read widely. My list of favorite books is long. These include: George Orwell (Animal Farm); Robert Harris (Cicero trilogy); biographies of Chris Froome, Andre Agassi, C.S. Lewis; non-fiction by Jim Collins (Good to Great), Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers), Neil Postman (Amusing Ourselves to Death), Chip and Dan Heath (Made to Stick, Switch), Stephen King (On Writing), Michael Lewis (The Blind Side), Bill Bryson (A Short History of Nearly Everything); as well as novels by John Grisham, Daniel Silva, and Khaled Hosseini. (My list of favorite Christian books is even longer! I will recommend some in future blogs.)

Some movies I’ve watched again and again. Dead Poets Society, Moneyball, The Matrix, Invictus, Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonThe MartianChariots of Fire, The Dark Knight, as well as BBC nature documentaries (Planet Earth, Life), come to mind.

I’m married to a medical professor and we have two curious kids (hence my encyclopedic knowledge of comic book superheroes and dinosaurs!). We live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2002, I wrote a book called Between Friends: Reflections on Christian Discipleship in the Real World, published by Scripture Union (Malaysia).

Currently I’m the Director of Adult Christian Education at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, while pursuing a doctoral degree in theology part-time. Eons ago, I taught at a business school in Brisbane, and worked as a financial consultant in Kuala Lumpur. In recent years, I pastored churches in England (Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge), and Malaysia (Pantai Baptist Church, Petaling Jaya).

Hope you’ll glean some insights about the Word from this blog.